Iron Made Gym

I had been spinning my wheels for around two years of trying to find someone who shared my vision of creating a website and beginning a strong online presence. I have a decent surrounding of ‘tech guys’ who know how to fix anything from a stereo, phone, or computer as well as programming. I could not find however a person who could efficiently develop a webpage that demonstrated what the ‘Iron Made Family’ represented.

Nick came as a referral to me from a client of mine. From our first meeting I was honestly blown away. He showed up with a moch website and how to implement it. That same day I picked his brain on two tech issued I had that I spent over two hours that day trying to solve, he resolved my issues in less than ten minutes.

We built the website, launched it, added a ‘Prayer’ tab to serve our community better, filmed a social media commercial called ‘A family of Unique Individuals’, recorded a podcast called ‘Bench Talk’, started a weekly newsletter, and pinned our location on Google Maps. All of this has been possible by meeting the right ambitious young man who saw the vison I had, and knew how to create it online.

Mr. Workman has been a pleasure to work with. He is prompt, genuine, knowledgeable, and seeks what is best for his clients. I speak highly of him due to his character and his ability as a tech developer.

Kevin Byers

Owner of Iron Made Gym